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Overview of the main concepts of Customer Value Creation.
The OIA-CVC Customer Value Creation model
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A Business Model to succeed your globalization :
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The CVC-OIA team

A global approach for a successful globalization strategy.

We offer you a range of unique services to help you tackle globalization.
CVC / Customer Value Creation is a differentiation strategy that convinces your customers to acquire products that are more expensive. How does one go about it and which business model? Click on www.cvc.fr
Kinep « Business with China » preparesyourteamsto take on the challenge of the century – setting up successful operations in China. Click on www.kinep.com
OperExcel gives you the tools to accelerate your productivity so that you can compete with low cost imports. Click on www.operexcel.com

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Jacques Leger
Président CVC Consulting
49, avenue de la République
75011 Paris-France
Tél : 00 33 1 43 14 01 83
Fax: 00 33 1 43 57 49 48

Walter Pizzaferri
Partner of CVC
President, Akeance Industries
President, Observatoire de l’Innovation Automobile