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Alstom Power and electricity generation without CO2 emissions

The challenge: Build coal power stations without CO2 emissions.

  • Satisfy future power needs
  • By using the available coal for another 300 years or more
  • But by eliminating CO2 emissions

Reserves and energy production

The major electricity producing countries in the world are also big coal producers. For geopolitical reasons, they would rather use their own coal resources than bank on risky oil imports.
All the technologies required for building « environment friendly » coal stations are available except for the one required for capturing CO2. Alstom will be making this technology available by 2015, thus suddenly transforming a fuel which is highly criticized today but readily available into a modern and green source of energy.
The entire world will have to invest massively in new power stations. This is an opportunity to equip the planet with environment friendly power stations including those which use coal.

Trends for energy stations in the World

Commitments for CO² emissions reduction

Solutions for Capture and Storage of CO²

Oil, gas and coal production peaks

This will be all the more necessary as the price of petrol will peak very soon and coal will still be available for the next 300 years.