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A Business Model to succeed your globalization :
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China and its immense growth potential.

The third pillar of a successful globalization strategy: Be present in China

  • China cannot be compared to any other country in the world.

  • When almost 1.5 billion people enter the global arena, they will create an impact.

  • Thus, China represents :
    50 % of the world’s active population
    50% of the world’s trained engineers
    The largest financial reserves in the world
    The most modern infrastructure in the world
    ………..And the same can be said in various other fields

  • The US is very familiar to all of us and many Western managers have studied there.

  • But we do not know China, at least not well enough to be able to fully understand operations in China..

  • Therefore we must start at the very beginning and train Western managers to have a comprehensive knowledge of China in order to compete with it or to set up operations in China. www.kinep.com offers you its services.