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Introduction to the Customer Value

Globalization has already revolutionized management practices. It has created new opportunities not only by opening up emerging markets which are often huge but also by reducing costs for Western consumers due to outsourcing in low cost countries.

Globalization has changed the economic system by introducing competition between all the economies in the world, irrespective of their state of development.
Workers in the west (particularly in the US and Europe) must thus compete directly with Chinese workers whose salaries are 20 times lower than theirs.

Due to the free flows that are the result of globalized strategies, a large volume of low skilled jobs have been transferred to countries where low wages are prevalent.  
China has greatly benefited from this outsourcing phenomenon which in recent times has led to the transfer of more and more skilled jobs along with the necessary technology transfers.

We can already see that some of this outsourced work also concerns research centers.


We offer you a range of unique services to help you face the challenges of globalization.

OperExcel delivers the means required for accelerating your productivity to help you compete with imports from low cost countries.

CVC / Customer value creation helps you differentiate your product and convince the customer to buy products that are more expensive. How does one go about it and which is the business model to be adopted?

Kinep « Your  Strategy with China  » helps you prepare your teams to face the biggest challenge of this century:  Setting up operations successfully in China.

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